Ryan Blair – Nothing to Lose (Author of Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur)

Ryan ended in a bad neighborhood, dropped out of high school, left home and became a gang member.

When he was 18 years old his mother started dating a successful entrepreneur.

That man became Ryan’s mentor that give him inspiration and motivation to work hard and gave him a high paid job in his own company.


Les Brown – Armed And Dangerous (Seminar)

Motivation speaker Les Brown talks about the pain and how to over come it in this video with inspiring speech , “Armed and Dangerous”. Know about life and it’s possibilities, how to became successful and how to get more happiness in your life by changing your thinking.


Les Brown – I am Going to Make it (motivation & inspirational video words speaker)

“I am going to make it…” amazing speech from Les Brown. In every word he has so many truth and inspiration to make own life better… be better and give power to make money for yourself and family.


Les Brown – F.E.A.R (fear) motivation & inspiration speech

Truly amazing speech from Les Brown about FEAR! “False Evidence Appearing Real”


Les Brown – Great Motivational Speech For Success, I Can Do It, Its Possible

Les Brown tels us that every one can do everything if he put target, because its possible!


Rocky Balboas – inspirational speech to his son (motivation video with speech)

Sylvester Stallone is playing old boxing hero Rocky Balboas and in this short episode he talks to his son…


Bruce Lee – Be like water (Inspirational, Motivation Video)

Great actor and teacher Bruce Lee talk about little bit about philosophy and why you should be like water…


Arnold Schwarzenegger – The New Six Rules

Here Arnold Schwarzenegger reviled his six rule of success and they can become for you like a torch in darkness days of life…


What if money didn’t matter – Alan Watts

Take a little bit more than a 3-minute break from whatever you are doing right now and just listen to this lecture of British philosopher and writer Alan Watts (1915-1973).

This is a very inspirational thought provoking and interesting to anyone who ever wanted to work in the industry – Does not matter if it is as a photographer, filmmaker, soundman or an internet marketer. Listen, and decide: “What do you desire?”


AWAKENING – Motivational Video

“Most of us, go through life pretending…

That we don’t have any special goals or ambitions or desires…

When really deep down inside we do really want more…”

Watch this amazing video and decide for yourself Who You Are and What Are You Doing NOW?


Some Inspiration from My Mentor Vick Strizheus Founder of Big Idea Mastermind and the Empower Network Founders

Vick is my mentor and the founder of Big Idea Mastermind.

This is his latest idea where his intention is to help people to achieve their financial goal by going through the system of Big Idea Mastermind and the Empower Network.


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