Test Drive of 10 PPV (Pay-Per-View) Networks. See Results Here

Test Drive of 10 PPV Networks

I got this idea from searching some information about PPV Networks, because I was searching some good source of nice traffic. I want to know the best place to put my ads on.

After searching, I have found some really cool stuff.

Everyone are using different networks, so I decided to combine all my knowledge about them (what I have found from different blogs, articles and my mentors).

Ok, let’s start.

What is the good traffic for us (affiliates)and for just people who are going to sell own products? And what is PPV?

For my opinion, good traffic consist from this type of parameters: Traffic Volume (more is better), Conversion Rate (more is better of course), Click Pricing (less $ better). You understand that magic formula is to get more traffic that is conversional for less money 😉

PPV (Pay-Per-View) is a type of display advertising.It allows you to market your website, landing page, or CPA offer by displaying it for users that have downloadable software installed on their computer.Commonly called Adware, they get this software typically by using free games and services (like screensavers, etc.)from websites.

Don’t think that Adware is Spyware, because last one is a parasitic form of software that installs itself on your computer without your permission and can even harm your computer. Bud Adware is PERFECTLY LEGAL. It is always installed with the permission of the user when they download games or other software from different websites.

In PPV traffic, you need target your “keywords” (more targeted better), it’s similar to PPC. The biggest plus o using PPV, in my opinion and others marketing guys, is that you are able to target much more specifically by using URLs. Yes, URLs! not just simple keywords (online business or something else).

There are hundreds and hundreds URLs on the internet, the key is going to be finding by using Google, Yahoo and Bing (note: you should check every link that you find for two parameters: is your niche and offers are similar to this site, is this site have good amount of traffic. In other case is just waste of many) the ones that will make you money.

Tip: When you get the search engine results for each of your terms, there are going to be both natural (also called organic) results, and paid (or sponsored) results. Open up an Excel spreadsheet then copy URLs for the top 10 organic sites and the top 10 sponsored results.Repeat for each of your keywords (ex. lose weight). But never forget to check them out.

Scoring all PPV Networks

For scoring, I used traffic volume, conversion rate, and click/impression pricing broken down like this:

  • Traffic Volume (Most traffic= 10, least traffic = 1)
  • Conversion Rate (Highest Conversions= 10, least conversions = 1)
  • Click Pricing ( lowest click/impressions cost = 10)

Perfect network would have 30.

PPV Network Traffic Volume Conversion Rate Click Pricing Total Score
Traffic Vance 10 8 4 22
Media Traffic 6 8 9 23
Lead Impact 8 6 6 20
Addon Network 4 5 8 17
Direct CPV 4 6 7 17
CPV Marketplace 5 3 8 16
Megaclick 9 6 1 16
Adbride(Full Page ads) 7 2 3 12
Clicksor 3 1 5 9

There are five for my opinion major PPV networks online (note: in round brackets I will write minimal deposit you can start in): Traffic Vance (1000$), Lead Impact (200$), DirectCPV (100$), Media Traffic (200$), and AdOn Network(200$). If you just going to start using PPV, I recommend you go to DirectCPV and Lead Impact (for myself, I started from this network). Traffic Vance require a $1,000 deposit to start your campaign so for beginners it’s a little harder. But another network have really democratic entry fee.

My Results

So winners is…… Traffic Vance and I think that most of you it’s not a surprise. Megaclick has tons of good traffic (little bit more than Lead Impact), but it very expensive. Total looser is Clicksor, and if you search little bit about them you will find not so many good testimonials.

My Conversion Rate

Traffic Vance and Media Traffic had really a high conversion rate from all of networks. However, Media Traffic has lack of

My recommendation

For my opinion, I recommended:

  • Traffic Vance
  • Media Traffic
  • Lead Impact
  • Addon Network
  • Direct CPV

Might be worth a small test:

  • CPV
  • Megaclick

Stay away from:

  • Adbrite
  • Clicksor

Note: Do not forget that your results can be little bit different from this, because you are in another niche and you are using another offers, LP and other selling stuff. Your results could extremely change, because there are based on the offers you promote.

I hope this article was very useful for you, you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like, and what do you want to see more?

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