How to create High Converting Landing Page for PPV Networks!

How to create High Conversion Landing Page for PPV Networks!

We have big number of articles about PPV Networks on our site, but these articles consist only reviews and some summaries about this PPV Networks.

Today we want to share really useful and practical result that we have about PPV Networks!

REMEMBER you should choose PPV Networks that you can offer. 
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How do you think when you have been choose one of the PPV Networks, what you should do next?

You should create Landing Page, this page should be conversational, because the most cases you will buy only clicks on the PPV Networks. The higher conversational LP you will have, the bigger list you will get in your autoresponder. It’s some kind of rule that you mast remember in your mind.

We have realize that we need LP for getting clicks! But What kind of LP it should be?

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Let’s see what sensors are active in people when they are searching some useful stuff in the internet.

The most cases people have:

  • 1.Brain
  • 2.Eyes
  • 3.Hands
  • 4.Ears

However, I have another question for you “What you need to do to make the most responsive LP for PPV Networks”? You need to involve all this sensors that people have! You should use them like magician spell. If you will miss at least one sensor in LP, your conversion will dramatically, LOW!

  • 1.In the beginning, we have only Brain, what we should to write on this LP that people like this and they can easily put their email on the web from? What we should write that our brain says that it’s cool information?

It’s easy, you should use people pains on this LP, write some headlines that will shocked and like them!

For example, I have very high conversion LP for the PPV network,
click her to watch this masterpiece.

My headline is: How To Go From Zero To $5000 Per Month Faster Than Ever Though Possible…

I like this headline, very specific about what people get after they will sign up to base.

  • 2.We have left Eyes, what we should do with them.

We should do some cool animation on this LP, but not many because, people don’t like when through the screen you have flying dragon! You can add blinking text, add some arrows, maybe arrows with animation or something else. BE CREATIVE and PEOPLE will COME to YOU!

  • 3.We left the Hands, what you should do that people will easily put their email or name in the opt-in form. You should not put some extra fields on from. It will decrease conversion in few times.
  • 4.The last one are Ears! What we should do with ears? We can install some good music that can easily support the whole LP and message that you give to people. But you should do some tweaks and experiments. For my LP, it’s work very good. I have almost 30% of conversion, but I hope you will get much higher, if you will do the same principles that I have written to you today.

If you want to get high convectional LP for PPV Networks, you should use all sensors that people have when they searching new information in internet. You should interrupt their attention like other ads and lock their interest using all technics that cover on this article!

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