Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Online Business Part 2

Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Online Business Part 2
Today, we are continuing hot topic about Advanced Traffic Strategy that I am you using in my online business. The first article here! (Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Online Business Part 1)

On this topic, we cover How to Negotiate with Ads buyers, that you can buy ads by super low price that your ROI always will be high!

How to search direct buyers using simple method in google search? What sites are bad and good for buying ads space there?

How to calculate your ROI?

Today will be very hot) Let’s do this!

One thing you can do to get the web site owner and negotiate deals for you if you promote some products you can say “I have product that nobody have, but your site will be promote”, this thing we can do with direct buy.

Also we can negotiate about pop-up ads, if somebody have blog you can contact him, but in the first contact I don’t recommend you to do this, for the first time let’s buy some banner space in his site.

You have to know all about owner behavior and people that visited his site. If all goes good, you say “You have awesome blog, would you able to sell me pop-up ads that you can put to the blog, when somebody visited blog this thing appear, and they click to this pop-up ads and go to your site ”, this stuff not expansive at all. This folks have email; you could negotiate with them by using email.

Remember never things only in limited ways, expand you vision and say like something that “How I can get 500 visitors today to my site?”, I have to do as simple as possible. However, some things are different from others and you will get different result.

It’s like strategies your business every day.

Finding Publishers for Direct buys

I have few simple step to do this, so please take notes:

  • Search “keyword + blog” in google search or go directly to the publisher from intermediary (For example: fast lose + blog)
  • Research site to make sure it gets a lot of unique (fresh) visitors, sometime site have the same visitors and they don’t have new, so please pay attention to this also, it’s keep your budget for ads more effective and useful.
  • Then go to site of owner and finds some contacts, and inquire about buying banner
  • Always negotiate with owners.

Direct Buy Examples:

What owner must have on his site?

  • 1. Upper banner above menu.
  • 2. Subscription form for new visitors
  • 3. You can write to him and negotiate
    with owners.

Then you go to the and put this site for the search to know how many new visitors it have? This site of owner have to be on good position in Alexa Rang. Global rang have to be less than 100,000 but the perfect is 50,000. For the Google PR is 1, for FaceBook is 2, YouTube is number 3, the less number is bigger traffic this site have. (For our example I use in all screenshot site of site)

Intermediate Buy

  • Awesome for beginners & seasons marketers.
  • This small ad networks (agency) connect publishers with advertisers, its medium gay between you and owners. However, it cost more than Direct Buy, but it’s also useful thing in marketing.
  • All these agencies have 100% Self-Serve Platform.
  • Advertiser with small budgets can buy at fixed monthly or CMP rates and even CPC (Cost per click) (WAM Network, Exoclick).
  • You know exactly where your banners are placed.
  • Great for research for potential Direct BuyJ

Here some examples and links for Intermediate Agency:


Of course, there are more agency.

For example, we go to the and grabbed some site to advertise our product and put their banner that can related to our niche and then put this URL of this site into Alex Rang, in Alexa we analyze that this site have big amount visitors and have stable traffic for years.

Then we visited this site and check out all information on this site that we are interesting:

  • 1.You have to buy some banners only above of fall, all banners that situated on the top part of the site.
  • 2.Than you should check how many impressions of your banner you want and calculated how many visitors you want to get.
  • 3.Than you should negotiate with agency for example about price. Then you should to negotiate
    for lower price for example 50% less than the original price. You say that you have big budget but for now, I want to test.

Some statistic about banners:

  • 1. Click rate of banners is about 0.5% CTR, if you buy 1000 impression, you will get 5 visitors to your site or LP.
  • 2. You should find the price of the click at least $0.30-0.70. For example 1000 impr = cost you $4, and you will have 5 visitors, the price per visitors will be $1,25, so it’s too expansive and we need find more offers from agency that suited to as and also negotiate with them to lower price about 50% of the original price.
  • 3. If we buy 1000 impr = $2, and also you will have 5 visitors to you site, the price per visitors will be $0.625, so it will be more suited to as, but we should as lower as possible that our ROI will be high.
  • 4. Thing: if we have LP that have conversion rate 0.2% and we order 500 visitors (100,000 impression) so only 10 people buy this product. If product have price $50, simple math said that we earn $500. So our ROI is high. On this ad we spent $200, so our pure income will be $300.

What is impression, when somebody visit site and see your ads.

Remember this math; you should do this stuff all the time before buying anything banner space!

  • There are bunch of another intermediate agency, so the principal the same as
  • If you find the agency that deal with paid CPC (Cost-Per-Click), you should begin testing using CPC, because it’s more efficiently. In addition, the price must be as low as possible for example $0.10 per click.
  • You should also have marketing stuff like banners of different size that your ads can run on this agency. Never use generic banners, please see my site and you have noticed banners and they not generic and simple.
  • Always track you traffic.

The next time we will show Big Network Buyers, how they work and bunch of cool stuff that I want to share to my best visitors.

I hope this article was very useful for you, you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like, and what do you want to see more?

All this stuff I implement to my online business. Where I get very good and stable income every month.


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