Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Online Business Part 1

Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Online Business Part 1

Today, we will talk about advance traffic strategy and generation. We will cover how to buy traffic? How to leverage yourself like internet marketer?

There are money components in internet business, but today I want to focus on traffic generation. For my opinion, traffic generation is the hottest theme that everybody want to know.

When you focused on traffic generation, everything else will be easy for you. Please take some notes when you will reading this staff, because this staff cost at least $2000. So please pay Attention to all material that I share with you.

The Agenda

  • I will teach you how to get TONS of GOOD traffic.
  • I will give you a HUGE edge over “other marketers” out
  • I want to hear YOUR SUCCESS STORY when you will implement this stuff in your product that you are promoting or something else.

The truth you need to know…

  • Traffic for your business is not everything, but it’s as important as oxygen for humans or the fuel for vehicles.
  • Most people overcomplicated “traffic-getting”.
  • No such Thing as “FREE Traffic”. You will always pay for Money or Time. Remember this.
  • Master Traffic = Write your Own Paycheck.

Million-Dollar tips

  • Dig Your Own “Well” – research new and new sources of
  • Depend On NOBODY or ANYTHING for Traffic, you have to become master of traffic
  • Position your business to work WITH THE SYSTEM. Internet is building advertising. So work with system not against.
  • Master Paid Marketing & Media Buying, use different platform that you experiment and find that platform that will converts all clicks in backs.

There are different of traffic, lets what we have today in the internet world:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per View
  • Per Per Call
  • Email Newsletter
  • Solo Ads
  • Email Media Buying
  • Email Traffic Agencies
  • SEO/Organic
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Banner Media
  • CPA Media
  • Social Media
  • Mobile
  • Content Syndication
  • Retargeting
  • Video
  • Offline Media
  • Traffic
  • Exchanges
  • RSS Directories
  • JV Traffic
  • Torrent Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Viral Traffic Strategies
  • + More

So never, depend only one or two traffic source. There are bunch of traffic that you can use. Everything can work very well, but nothing can works 100%. If you want to build with strong foundation than you have to master at least 10 source that you can implement in your online business.

Today I will talk about Media Buying. For me media buying is

  • One of the most stable & reliable traffic strategies for my opinion. For this method today, I built my list that I used today.
  • One of the good method is simply buying banner space on other web sites.
  • Used predominantly by “brand advertisers”, but technological changes allowed direct response folks that like me and you to enter the game.
  • You can buy millions of banner impressions for pennies per thousand; also, we will cover this topic also.
  • Generally done on a CPM basis (cost per 1,000 impressions)

There are three types of buyers, that can you buy some banners space for yourself.


  • Direct Buy – great for starters (you can buy small portion of impression for the good price)
  • Intermediate Buy
  • Network Buy – the most people go to here, because they have already know for the most people.

We want that cost per visitors will be as low as possible for example $0.30 per visitors. In addition, these visitors will be super laser targeted to your offer or site.

Direct Buy

Let’s stop on Direct Buy, as I mention about this method good for beginners, but not everyone implement it, just a few people know how to work with this stuff.

  • Go directly to the owner of the website to buy ad space (no middleman that can over paid for the buying banner space).
  • Much cheaper price for banner inventory.
  • You have to build relationship with site owner, it is very good assets in your business. If this people have big site or friend, it could help you to promote your site and online business very well.
  • You can negotiate exclusive deals, pop up ads, and even email drops!

In the next chapter, I will take examples of Direct Buy and other very useful stuff that you can implement in your business today. If you want to see all staff please visit Traffic training room (Advanced Traffic Strategies).

I hope this article was very useful for you, you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like, and what do you want to see more?

All stuff that you read above I implement on my business as a result I have very good result, to see more please CLICK HERE!

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So visit today my project here and learn more about online business

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