Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Home Business Part 3

Advanced Traffic Strategy That I Used In My Home Business Part 3

Big Networks Buys that I used in my home business

Today, I will cover How to get targeted traffic to your website and home business. I will give you blueprint formula for Big Network Buys, the whole idea you buy banners space through the thousand web sites. Once it work in Direct Buy and Intermediate Buys it will be work very smoothly here.

  • Buy banner space across thousands of different websites
  • Potential to scale is INCREDIBLE in home business
  • Can be “dangerous” if you don’t know your numbers
  • My super Advice: Get positive ROI from Direct Buys and Intermediate Buy and Intermediate Buys and then scale through Big Network Buys

Now I will give you more good advice that you should use when you are using Big Network Buys:

  • You typically need to sign an IO (Insertion Order/Contract)
  • When you are buying in Big Network Buys and when you are singing contract with them, I suggest you have “out-clause”. What does it mean? In few world, it mean if you have bed ROI with this agency, you can cancel all ads campaigns that you have signed at any time you want. But if you test your offer, site or LP, and you have NUMBERS as usually it doesn’t happened with Big Network Buys.
  • Make billing off of your ad server’s numbers, you should put own tracking that track all stuff. I track only unique visitors; of course, I give access to tracking system to the agency that also see this statistics.
  • Always run even delivery (traffic comes fast and furious). For example, you should specifies the amount of impression per day, if you do not do this than all money from your bank account will be gone in hour!

Now I will show you warning:

  • Major risk of a big loss, if you don’t’ know what you do.
  • You don’t get a lot of info on which sites your ads running,
  • Takes a lot of time to optimize all. Because some site need, additional banners size that they use.
  • This is a GOLDMINE strategy IF you know your numbers and have a converting funnel

Here some Big Network Buys, it’s top of 12 networks:

  • BlogAds

Here Success TIPS that I recommend for you:

  • You have something to sell (it must be mass appeal is better)
  • Do the research on the product (competition is GOOD); I always search with very big competition, if this product have competition than this product is very good and demand. However, you should be different from competitors and you will earn money as much as you want.
  • Know your market. Why people buy this product. What the buy. Always put yourself to another side of offer, be simple costumer that want to solve some questions. What do I want?
  • People do not buy products – people buy solution.
    If you sell solution, you will be more different from another.
  • How you can sell your solution to people?
  • Keep your message congruent.
  • Prepare your camping for domination, huge amount of people don’t do tests in Direct Buys and Intermediate Buys, and then they spent all money to the Big Networks and they don’t have anything. Be more strategically.
  • Start with 300×250 banners size.
  • Keep your banner placement above the fold if possible. See previous article.
  • Make publishers and reps your ally.

What you can do that you can spent less money for ads banners:

  • 1. Go to the site like
  • 2. Pick some website name and put their names in google search.
  • 3. When you find them, you can negotiate with them directly without middlemen that take some money from you when you start campaign in,

However, if this site have special agreements with you don’t buy ads banner from there, because of this special agreements that is their agent. However, in many times this agreements have not many sites, so you should contact them and ask them for some question about buying banners space in their sites.

More some tips:

  • Know your stats!!! (CPM (cost per thousands), earning per click (RPC),CPC, CPA (cost
    per ads position), lifetime value, etc.)
  • Start a spreadsheet and record your data.
  • Leverage this data on new buys.
  • Safe Average = 0.5% CTR.

When doing big buys…

  • Out-Clause – 34hr/48hr/7days
  • Even delivery
  • Frequency cap 1/24, you have to say agency that my ads show only 1 time per day (24h) for only one IP address.
  • Pay based on your stats.

Today I will give you a lot of information, this stuff give you the super targeted traffic that not generic by computer and others program. It is only for people that have seen your ads and click through to your website. In another article, I will give more cool stuff that you can use in your home business.

I hope this article was very useful for you, and you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like, and what do you want to see more?

Here is Advanced Traffic Strategy part 1

Here is Advanced Traffic Strategy part 2

Why I share this? Because I want to hear some success story from you that you have implement this stuff to your offer and make really big money!

All this stuff I am using and applying in my home business and I earn hundreds of dollars residential income per month. 

So visit today my project here and learn more about online business

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