Advanced Traffic & Conversions or How to earn money online more efficiently? Part 1

Advanced Traffic & Conversions or How to earn money online more efficiently? Part 1

How to earn money online like a crazy!

Welcome to my article. My attention is to give some value for you today and How to earn money online more efficiently. You should begin to start testing this stuff in your home business. Start doing something new in your business that help you get to the next level. What is about today? All this stuff I have implement in my business and I want to share with you like with my best friend. I will give the next step to you that you can achieve your ultimate destination point!

I will put all my experience on this article about traffic. In this article, you also find the answer for questions: How to get sustainable result? How do you can get quick result?

However, remember that successful people have 
successful habits. All starts in successful habits. How can you develop these successful habits? In addition, carry you to the next level!

All successful people have successful habits and they are repeating them all the time. Especial when it comes to the traffic generation.
Advanced Traffic & Conversions or How to earn money online more efficiently? Part 1
Stay focused in few things:

  • 1. Everything little thing matters. All business consist from little details. How are you talk to themselves? How are you position yourself in online business? You need strategically solid thoughts why do you need traffic. For example for LP and website, that you get sales.

Remember from 100% of people who read this article only 10% will be doing something. In addition, from that 10% of people only 20% will get significantly result that they want from this article.

Why I share and write this cool stuff for you? Because, I believe that all thing that I share comes me back in multiple times.

Remember traffic is not important as sales funnel, business plan. What is matter? What outcome do you want to get from your business? How to get feedback from your home business? Just keep it in mind when we will go to the next things.

  • 2. Remember the 30% of online business is traffic. The 70% is driving force and it is funnel. How do you setup your funnel?

Let’s see, situation is that one men get 10,000 visitors per day to his LP, another men get few sales, but another men get in month $10,000. What do you thing happened on this situation? What is difference between all them?

When I go outer and I get one sale, it cost me $20-$35, when it goes to the 60 days costumers value is about 96 dollars per visitor. But my lifetime costumer cost me about $600.

This entire example I will give from my own Business in  Empower Network. It is well-structured, the costumer value is high in my business plan, sometimes I can even pay the traffic high that cost $1.5 per visitors and people will pay for me, because I give them very good structured information and big amount of value.

Advanced Traffic & Conversions or How to earn money online more efficiently? Part 1

All stuff in your business is driving only by you. The next time we will cover about what is funnel. How you can get Traffic to your landing page? How to earn money online more efficiently? In addition, I will show how amateur funnel, and typical funnel and professional serious funnel looks . Moreover, I will give more good stuffs that I want to share with you the next time.

All this incredible thought and things I have implement in my online business. If you want to know, more about my online dream CLICK HERE!>

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