Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online

Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online

Earning money online funnel
that actually converted to the sells

What is online business? In the most cases, online marketers sell products in the internet using different tactics. However, the most of this marketers use very poor funnel that not convert leads to sells. They are thinking only about money and that is why they are earning NOTHING.

In addition, I can say that you can do this like other 99% marketers and earning online typical money. But if you want not typical money, than you should read this article to the end and implement this stuff in your earning money online system today. All this stuff I implement in my home business.

Today we will talk about sales funnel that actually converted leads into sells. This funnel consist in few parts (Traffic and Landing Page), but the most efficient funnel using different type of parts that actually converted the leads into sells.

What is the most efficient type of funnel is in marketing world?

What is the major goal in making money online? Answer is not money.

What are the wrong models of funnel that you should not apply to your business?

Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online

Here some amateur funnel, trust me you don’t want to be here. For example if you promoted Empower Network, click bank stuff. ATTENTION. Allot of people spend money and send traffic straight to the sell page, without any capturing of leads. It’s the worst thing that you have ever could had. Don’t do this.

Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online

It’s Typical marketers funnel. This I see what majority people do. For my reason why I said I don’t do typical, because I want to be different from others and as result my income is not typical.

If you are here, you would maybe be on this category but if you are doing this you are also typical markets. Typical people earn typical income or even nothing. What are they doing? They are sending traffic and this funnel is little better than one on the top. In addition, when people subscribe to their list they immediately get email with landing page with offer. It’s pretty much the end of sales cycle.

I suggest you to focus on this stuff and see how I master this one.

Here How I setup my funnel for my earning money
online system.

Advanced Traffic & Conversion – Part 2, Earning Money Online

You are sending traffic not to the LP (but it’s still LP but different), you are promoting that will be catchy to the eye. If you implement this stuff, but I don’t guarantee 100%, but maybe you will triple your income.

I have been utilize this funnel in 2010.

Considering that marketing like fishing. Different type of fish buy different type food. You have to use different instrument to get them. In our business people are entering our
funnel based on Lead Magnet, it’s big difference when you are promoting this LP for example per- per-click network the same niche or Facebook ads. If you are promoting by email marketing it maybe not to be the same Lead Magnet as if you are promoting in CPA network.

This Lead Magnet (It’s maybe free video, or free book, or something that is free).

The next violet box is Value Sequence/ Bonding & trust , what happened before you ask them to buy, I sent them some value. After this they receive from me offer page. Then you will also send some stuff with back end/Higher value stuff , they also receive value and then they get offer page. The biggest money is in Backend. Usually frontend is the offer with small entrance fee (Like in Empower Network $25 blogging system), but in backend its opposite first one, and it cost much higher (Master course, 15k formula and others).

When I have started to implement this and I have noticed that I’ve not only get good money, but people who wanted to buy everything that benefit to them. I call this step

The question is how are you position yourself, how is value sequence structure? The whole idea is regardless. If people buy this stuff, it’s great, if people don’t buys also great. It does not matter. They are in you funnel. It’s all started in blue box, before all stuff even before starting your Lead Magnet and start running campaign. 

My Attention is not green box (offer selling), my attention is How I transform somebody life, How I can help person/costumer become the best version of themselves, and get them the result that they want. 80/20 rules (Pareto Rule) applies even on this situation. 20% of people will fire up and do the stuff that I share to them in value sequence, but they will have small result. When only 4% of the 100% of others will do anything that can change their life. It will be the best costumer you have ever had. They will buy Backend stuff like a maniac. They are transforming their life. My goal is transformation.

However, if you will always send them some stuff that you want to sell, they will write bad letters to you and many and many other complaints about your pithing.

In my online business, I focus in transformation. How I can get as many people as I can transfer them to another level? However, everybody are focusing in traffic and sales. For example are these pictures Simple Funnel and Typical Funnel.

They never understand the real goal. You have to focus in blue box and go get enough people and traffic that you get some golden nuggets.

Now All people are focusing in marketing. There 4 keys that you should focused,

1. Big vision that can change the world.

2. Be the person that you always want to be.

3. You are knowing, people, and market, what is make you tip.

4. Marketing.

Your funnel is matters for long terms. The next time I will give more stuff about advance traffic (PPC Method in Facebook) and traffic tactics that you can implement to your earning money online system today.

Remember this article! All stuff I have implemented in my business and earning not typical money per month.

So visit today my project here and learn more about online business

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