Generate steady income with Magnetic Funnel Secrets in the internet business – Part 1

This content worth $10,000, but it is FREE for you

First problem of all Internet marketers is how to build sales funnel (and not where/how to get traffic) that sell product really well. Because without solid funnel your traffic, that will come to your landing page, will be useless or have low ROI.

Today, I want to give you content that worth at least $10,000 and it’s all is FREE for you, because my desire is that you can make more money and create life that you dream about.

If you apply this staff that I am going to teach you today. You will grow your business income in 10x times and it does not matter what you are promoting, from health product to earning money online.

In this article, I will create Magnetic Funnel and I will show how to build this funnel that you can recreate it in your own business/niche.

Ok, let’s talk about secret selling staff and make tone of money.

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I will cover these topics in this article:

  • How to ‘step in’ and DOMINATE.
  • How to sell a lot of stuff without “selling it”. (It is like mathematic formula. You need just follow it.)
  • How to become a “super affiliate” FAST. (You know “how to play in this game” and sell tons of products.)
  • How BIG money is made online?
  • I will create a “Magnetic Funnel” right before your eyes. (Pay strong attention to this part.)

With this knowledge, you will easy make up to $10,000/M, but few years ago I know nothing about internet marketing, may be like you now. After making some success and mistakes (more second), I found some amazing mentors. They teach me some “secret sauce recipe” and I implement ALL in my business. Some of those principals I will show you here.

Do not be typical internet marketer who earn less than $500 month. Tray deferent technics to dominate in your niche and you will become super affiliate gay.

So what is this secret formula.

The Formula (Secret Sauce)

  • DECIDE that you are going to make a CHANCNGE.

First, you should realized, do you want stay on one spot whole life and earn small money or go further and live in success.

  • Become a “SUCCESS MAGNET”.

Remember that only 2% of all people earn 80% of all money, so take your car and go to rich street and watch how success people live, read inspiration books and about success. You must ignore bad influence of pure people and put yourself in atmosphere of success. It is will take you up to 30 days to change the way you thinking.

  • Pick a product to promote.

You should choose what you want to sell.

  • Build a “Magnetic Funnel” around that product.
  • Send traffic to the funnel.

Remember that traffic is not issue in internet marketing; you should concentrate how to build strong funnel that sell.

Here the funnel on amateur marketers, those who typically is broke. They think, “I will take offer from ClickBank and send traffic on it”. Of course, they earn zero!

On this image, you can see “typical” marketer’s funnel. They put in the “middle” o funnel own landing/opt-in page to grab email (and name). After this offer, you can build relationship, send additional offer etc. However, all this have one negative side, you cannot earn huge amount of money!

This pro marketer’s funnel, it is how I stretcher my own funnel. I call this method “Magnetic Funnel”.

I just say that I like to put Transformation and Transcendence node, because I want to give my subscribers content about self- and business-transformation. It will create atmosphere of success and everyone can become better!

To know about this funnel read this article here.

Lead Magnet, Value, Bonding…

I will explain you in few words what is it:

  • A free offer in exchange for an email address.
  • Give your “Lead Magnet” a cool name. (It must have attractive name.)
  • Do not mention the actual product or company you are promoting. (

Why? If you are promoting some that has a lot of competition and it coverts well. If I mention name of product in front, they become blind to your lead magnet. So do not talk in lead magnet about name of product or company.

  • Practice “Results in Advance” method.

This method will put you above other marketers. When people go to your page, they are looking for and results (for example, she loose 5kg of weight after one week of training… etc.)

Therefore, they typically in point A and they going to point B, bur they should do some steps to rich there goals in point B.

This can be applied to any niche and market. For example, you are in niche of making money online and if someone is new in this, you can say to him that he can do four or five basics steps.

1) Pick a product to promote

2) Create website (at least landing page)
to separate yourself from competitors.

3) Get traffic your page.

4) Get a sale.

If you can take someone, who entered your funnel and you can cover one, two or even more points before you ask for the sale. It will more easer to make the sale.

Do not forget celebrate you small success. For example, if you get some amount of subscribers, you can write to them and write “… guy I just got 50 people that subscribes to my list and if you want to know how l did this than come to my hangout…” However, never teach people what you do not do by yourself.

In next part of this article, I will continue writing about “Lead Magnet” and I will show you the funnel of my mentor that he used when worked with Clickbank…

Of course will be more cool stuff.

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