Constant income with Magnetic Funnel Secrets and golden examples in the online business – Part 2

Remember, Magnetic Funnel is the real secret that can maximize your online earning. It’s all about how to adjust your sales funnel (or even create new one) in specials ways so that you can double, triple or even quadruple your income you make today. Take every your lead that you get and gentle like big brother push them up the money stairs.

Imagine, today you knew how to adjust funnel to make the perfect sales funnel or how I call it “Magnetic Funnel”.

Today I will continue to write about Lead Magnet Funnel (Read first part of this article here: Generate steady income with Magnetic Funnel Secrets in the online business – Part 1) and I will cover some examples that work (or worked) for my mentor and me.

You can test all information around internet and spend hundreds dollars to tweak and try to figure this stuff out yourself. On the other hand, you can be smart and make this small investment for about 15 minutes of reading today.

Do not miss this opportunity to maximize your profits after every sales.

In the end, I am going ti talk about “Call To Action or Don’t Miss Your Change”. Ok, let us start.

Example №1 of Lead Magnet Funnel – The 48-Hours Cash Machine

Here the funnel of my mentor that he created in 2010 for Clickbank:

  • Product: Directory of Ezines (Clickbank).
  • Lead Magnet: “Learn How To Get Loads of Cash On Demand”. (Massage)
  • Intention: value, bonding, creating followers, sale.

This product cost to client $197 and it was 50% commissions per sale. Moreover, when he created this funnel his goals were to give value and create followers, and only in last, he think about sales.

For example, you got this page to promote:

May be all marketers just promote this page, but that do not make real money. Instead of this page, you should create another landing page (own page) with own Lead Magnet on it.

Create catchy name, for example, “The “48-Hours Cash Machine”… How to Very Easily Get Loads of Cash on Demand in 48 Hours or Less”. The reason to say that, because you will teach them how to do this without any fee (except that they will give you own email and name).

Of course, after this page they will entered another page with free content.

However, keep in mind that all this pages were created in 2010 and in that time, all rules were little bit different. Markets change all the time, so keep in mind!

They should walk through this easy one page funnel with videos:

1. Introducing The 48-Hours CASH MACHINE.

2. Step 1 – Quick Setup.

3. Step 2 – Picking a Product

4. Step – 3 Cashing In…

5. Here’s Me Secret Super-Ninjas Tool.

After video with introduction goes, they will find video number two with information how to make account on Clickbank and link on it. In addition, they will learn how to pick up product and important part is how to promote (but here the name is sexiest for ears “Cashing in…”) staff. Here we will say that easy way to make money is to find good ezine!

Attention, in video “Here’s My Secret Super-Ninja Tool” where client will see that if he going to use this “our” ezine, exactly that we sell and use for yourself, will help him to earn money in the internet.

What will be when people watched this video? Tons of them will click on link bellow and buy product.

This funnel is simple and if you do not know how to create sites and landing pages, you can find freelancer who will make all stuff for you.

Example № 2 of Lead Magnet Funnel – Easy landing Page Pro

Here another example of funnel:

  • Product: GetResponse autoresponder.
  • Lead Magnet: Awesome tool that create landing pages.
  • Intention: value, bonding, fans, sale

What is the intention for this funnel? It is VALUE. This is your currency and if you give more value than other marketers do, you will be never have to worry about money.

I want to bond with my fans so strong that I can. I want to help them to become better marketers and give good content for them.

Here “Easy Landing Page Pro” were you can create free amazing landing pages. (Go here to see this service)

Therefore, it’s free site and everyone can use it. Yom will ask me, but are this funnel? Yes, because all service work so that to promote others product with fees.

For example, you need domain and hosting to your website/landing page, so here you are:

Or how you can create opt-in box without autoresponder? Again here you are:

All links on every services are Affiliate Links and it is mean that commission will go to one bank account of my mentor.

Here, I want to show you how I think and how I create funnel that sell stuff without me. This method will crash all competitors in market, but you should implement all this tips and information in own online business.

REMEMBER: You must create funnel that is different from original, but still promoting original product without direct promoting of this product.

Call To Action or Don’t Miss Your Chance

“Call to Action” is what drive your audience to buy or use some products. If you are making landing page, selling video or sells letter without it, than you miss your chance to earn money. You simple spend money and time for nothing.

Therefore, what should be in appropriate “Call to Action?”

  • Be very clear and specific on your call to action.
  • Have 100% personal conviction on what you are selling.
  • Expect them to buy.
  • You can give special bonuses.
  • Specify deadline.

Internet marketing is designed to produce results, the results can be measured. All campaigns should be tested. You can tell which tool of marketing works and which does not.

And that means that you can spend your marketing budget wisely, investing in the winners rather than hoping that the losers will build up into a crescendo effect of name recognition that creates top of the mind awareness and ultimately sales.

Remember this article and implement all this stuff in your own online business! All stuff I have implemented in my online business and earning not typical money per month and if you want know about my secrets click on button below.

Read first part of this article here: Generate steady income with Magnetic Funnel Secrets in the internet business – Part 1

So visit today my project here and learn more about online business

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