Say “Yes” to winning strategies in online business, these advises give you 1 million dollar!

<Say “Yes” to winning strategies in online business, these advises give you 1 million dollar! Big Alex Club Making money online

Turn your mistakes in online business into GOLD

Many owners of business or people that want to start online business, they are struggling with this question where you can get money and key resource that you need in starting your company. Where you can get good partner that can help grow you business to the next level. In beginning, you do not have time to do 1000 things in your firm per month and at the same time you should think strategically that your business can expand to another horizon. However, YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR ALL OF THIS!

I want to share some advises that I get from my mentor that can help you think more differently, more effective and be more proactive. After reading of this article, you will explore how you can systematically implement these components in your business. You will see another world of new opportunities from another people that want to help your business to grow up like a crazy!

We will start with describing situation that can be very similar to you and your business like owner:

If your business is growing up and he is in need of some qualified specialist that know very well technical aspect that help to grow up. However, you do not have any resource like money and time to hire this specialist, and buy technical stuff, and you do not have money for  promoting of yourself. You do not have so much money to grow up so fast.

I don’t know how to get key resource that I want?

In this case, you can make this thing:

  • 1. First, you can join venture capitalist.
  • 2. You can also join to somebody that have already piece of your puzzle.
  • 3. You can give compensation to the partner in percentage of growing their sales and of reducing their spending and saving money.
  • 4. You can give them referral income.
  • 5. You can give them things or service that they don’t have and you can trade with them. For example, they have service that you need to grow up your business and you have things that help them.
  • 6. In addition, you can give them things that you are producing and make exchange.
  • 7. You can give them percentage of future income.

If you do not know who will be you partner, you should do simple steps like interviewing with people and asking them right questions. You are asking many good questions for many people.

You will hear their answers and you will study people, and then you will decide who will be your partner.

Let us see another situation that is very similar to your when you want to be in time in everything but you are not:

If you are working with two or more people but even than you do not have time to do more 100 things per day.

How you can accomplished your work successful and have time to do all things that your business need?

Again the answer is very simple, you can join venture.

One of the most successful coacher said that almost all people are not effective whole time, and it’s probably 90% of all people.

I have good advice that you can implement in your business. You can watch all your activities during your work month and you should see three main things, which you need to accomplish in your business. You should break apart these three things in comments:

3 main components Task #1 Task #1…100…N
Relevance(You can give these things to another people and pay 5 dollars per hour for this activates) Calling to the client or sending some email of new products that you are producing. ….
Passion (If you don’t like things that your are doing, please do things that you are passion in)

If you do not have qualify on these things, give these things to another person.

If you will do this right, you will have time to  do strategic planning for your business.

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