Must advice that I took from Galileo which I use in my home business

Must advice that I took from Galileo which I use in my home business

Today I want to share the best book that I have read. This book is like album of super good advices that you can implement in your life and home business. Bring you to the next level of awareness and understanding.

The name of book is “The 48 Laws Of Power” by Robert Green.


The Big Idea

A comprehensive, well-researched synthesis of timeless philosophies –from Machiavelli to Suntzu, as applied in real-life situations by powerful figures in history such as Queen Elizabeth I and Henry Kissinger. Absorbing and entertaining, this book lends business people a wealth of ideas on the subtle art of playing the power game, exercising clever cunning, and understanding human weaknesses. Whether it is in the boardroom, at a power lunch, or a cocktail party– these laws will make you master of the game and give you the edge over your rivals.

The first law that I want to share with is “Never outshine the master”


•Transgression of the Law.

Finance Minister Fouquet unintentionally out shone his master, King Louis XIV, making

the King feel insecure by throwing a lavish party that would show off Fouquet’s connections, cultivated manner and charm. Thinking this move would make him an indispensable asset to the king, Fouquet had actually offended his master who did not like the fact people were more charmed by his finance minister than by him. The King found a convenient excuse to get rid of Fouquet.

Observance of the Law Galileo was clever in observing this law by giving glory to his patrons. In order to solve his perennial problem of funding, he dedicated his discovery of the moons of Jupiter to the Medicis, since the royal symbol of the Medici family was the planet Jupiter. He then commissioned an emblem for them, with each moon representing one of the sons who revolved around the patriarch.

The Medici family became his major patron, appointing him their official court mathematician and philosopher, thereby giving him a more comfortable life and a steady salary.

Wisdom in a nutshell:

• Present your ideas in such a manner that they may be ascribed to your master, or could be viewed as an echo of your master’s thoughts.

• If you are more intelligent than your master, act as if you are not.

• Never take your position for granted.

• Never let favors you receive go to your head.

• Discreet flattery is much more powerful. Make it seem like you want to seek his expertise and advice.

Conclusions: You must remember this! Always somewhere will be person who more famous and more powerful than you are. Be more careful with this people, sometimes this people can bring to the next level, but they could bring more levels down.

I will write some letter serials with this super advice that I took from “The 48 Laws Of Power” by Robert Green.

I hope this article very useful for you and you have learned something new, please put your comments below on comments section and write what do you like and what do you want to see more?

This law I have implemented almost always when I talking to the clients and partners that can change my online business to new level.

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