7 rules of learning that change my online business TODAY

 7 rules of learning that change my online business TODAY!


7 rules of learning that change my online business TODAY!

Today I want to give some present and study case about How to learn information 5 times faster than in traditional school and university! For online business this skills are very important because we are living in world of information and we must to organize our skills to learn faster.

Why I give this present? Because I want to spread, some good will 🙂

The most valuable skills you can learn, as a human are “How to learn” and “How to teach”. Today I want to give you some rules how to learn more efficiently!

The first rule before learning:

   1. There are two greatest obstacles to learning are “I knew that”, and “I disagree.” People filter what they think they already know that is why sometimes we cannot understand people at all. Because they surrounded themself by big wall from bricks. There are skills that you do not you think you have but you still need to learn them more to be more qualified. VERY IMPORTANT! STAY ALWAYS OPEN TO NEW INFORMATION!

The second rule of learning:

     2. Never believe anything too much, because someone will come and share with you a new light, a new way of looking at things, and take your beliefs to a new level.

The third rule of learning:

    3. Try to use “Logo-therapy”: if we have a “why” for living, we can live with almost any “how”. The more powerful the “why” the more we can do. Before all learning give some reason to learn, for example I want to make more money online etc.

The fourth rule of learning:

    4. Use “The Theory of Relativity”: All we have is our perspective, and all perspectives are partial perspectives. We can never know everything about what is going on. When we disagree, we are usually closing our mind and losing the opportunity to learn something new.

The fifth rule of learning:

  5. How do we determine what we need to know? Start by asking yourself, “Who are we” Where are we going? And what we need to choose where that destination is.

The sixths rule of learning:

6. Become systematically outrages. Be crazy. You will be questioned by others when you deviate from you norm. “What’s wrong?” they will ask. Instead, if you are systematically outrageous, you can do anything, and everyone will think, “Well, he is crazy anyway!”

The seventh rule of learning:

   7. You cannot know everything there is to know. The key to learning is forgetting the knowledge you do not need. You cannot know everything, so you need to select what you remember and forget.

That’s all folks) If you like this rules of learning please comments below. All rules I combine on my online business and I have amazing results.

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