10 Steps How to Create Most Profitable Businesses

Businessman Put Coin To Highest Stack Of Coins - 10 Steps How to Create Most Profitable Businesses

Main concept how you can create the most profitable businesses is that you should find more ways how to increase your income and sells in your business. All businesses have identical model how to do this. But of course you should implement your own strategy to each business that you are leading.

So remember, your business has 10 parameters that control your level of profits. If you improve them, than you will increase income of your own business and made it more successful.

1) Do you have lead generation system? How does your lead generation system work?

For example, you have site or shop that generate steady flow of 5 – new potential customers. You should find how many potential customers converts into real costumers, how you can increase this numbers, for example, up to 10 and even 15. It will increase dramatically your income by 50% and even more! Remember this.

sales process diagram, converting leads to prospects and then to customer, 3D illustration - 10 Steps How to Create Most Profitable Businesses

2) Do you know how your leads converts into paying customers? What numbers do you have? This show how your sale funnel is effective and can generate good customers that like to buy your product. If you increase your conversion rate, you can double or even triple sales and increase profits.

It is one of the most important skills that you have to create most profitable businesses. If you can sell and convert interested prospects into loyal customers than every business you start will be successful. So it is time to go on special sales training, and not only for you, but also for everyone who deal with customers too, and make this events annual.

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3) How many checks are you get from the one costumer? For example, you have one customer, how many products in average buy this customer additionally. You can increase this number by additing more useful products for clients. So you should think what your costumer need additionally to the main products, it could be very useful service, program, couching etc.

Cross-sellin and up-selling - 10 Steps How to Create Most Profitable Businesses

4) What is average of transaction you have from each client? You must create up-sell and cross-sell system to increase size of transaction. So make funnel where customers will buy more each time.

5) What is profit margin (gross profit) per sale you have of each product? You must always looking for ways to increase the price or decrease cost of product, and this will increase your profit. However, many entrepreneurs forget that the quality of the product or service always must have premium quality.

6) How much does one client cost you? How much you spent money to get one client.

The ideal formula is to get this number low as possible. You should always improve your advertising and create more effective ways to get more costumers in less cost. It can also dramatically change your profit! The most profitable businesses always use this strategy.

7) Do you have referral systems? If customer come from referrals from your previous customers, than you should understand that you do not spend money on ads. So create referral systems for your business and you will see huge changing in profit for better way. This method work amazing in most profitable businesses, so use it in own.

8) Reduce or even stop providing services that can’t be very expansive, if you can’t do this you should bring all low cost services into expensive and provide this services like one. Do you have some discounts for costumers that buy a lot of your products or services?

Image of break even point - 10 Steps How to Create Most Profitable Businesses

9) Do you know your break-even point? First, you must know how many products you need to sell each month to make profit. If you know this number than you must use it for measurements of effectiveness of all ads or any others expense. Here you must think like investor that want to see returns on invested money, so look on every expense like on chance to increase profits. All most profitable businesses know this and use it to be even more successful.

10) Remember you should always raise the price on your products. If your market have stable growth in your niche, you should raise your price up to 10%. After this entire new price, your costumer don’t turn away from you. The most profitable businesses know this factor very well and implement this strategy every season!

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