How to make cash online more efficiently using the 9 Golden Key Metrics!

How to make cash online more efficiently using the 9 Golden Key Metrics!

Esyesest metrics how to make cash online today

In previous topics we covered allot of traffic source and today we will cover How to make cash online more efficiently using the 9 Golden Key Metrics and other good stuff that you can implement in your online business immediately.

However, sometime owner of online business forget about useful metrics and they go to bankrupt, because they do not know their numbers and meaning of this big amount of data that they can pull out from online business. After a few try, entrepreneurs go out for this business.

My goal today is to say more about useful metrics and show you step by step which metrics is major factor in your online business. And which metrics can calculate your revenue and how much you can spend on ads to be in profit and others good value stuff.

All this material help my business to growth like magic. So please Attention what I would share with you. Lets’ go FOLKS!

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If you are driving traffic to your site or LP pages, you should track it. One of the simplest way to use only specific URL for every single ad you run.

Moreover, you can track phone numbers in an ad. You can use different phone numbers to track how money people calls you through this or that ad.

For example, you have small business like restaurant, and you are doing coupon advertising. You need to use different phone number or different URL. This method will help you more easily track your statistic, which ads works well or bad.

You can use some website analytics and split testing to track which ads is works.

It is very important to track different lead source, because different lead source have a different cost per lead and a lifetime.

Landing Page Conversion Rate

This parameter you should track firstly than track all others. What is Landing Page Conversion is the number of people who visit your site or LP and do some actions, for example leave email and name.

The landing page conversion rate is the number of request for information divided be the number of page visitors.

(Landing page conversion rate = of requests for Information) divided by (of Page Visitors)

Remember you should also know that different traffic would give different result of the same LP or site. You have to break apart by the traffic source.

SUPER MAJOR TIP: You must make your LP that will convert at the highest rate possible. Moreover, you should always to ask yourself one question “ How to make cash online more efficiently? ”

When you start you  ads campaign you should remember that all messages that you have put in ads should be like in copy ads and in LP. This message should be congruent through all text and color, design.

Also, remember that your form should be simple with few fields (Name and email).

Email Open Rate

So Email Open Rate indicates in percentage how many email have opened by your list.

(Email Open Rate = Number of Emails Opened) Divided by (Number of Emails Sent)

If your email open rate is to low or even zero, this people are not engage and they will not by your products.

If you want to grow up your statistic, you should use different subject lines and you should do this constantly. People will open the most curios subject line.

Some examples would be:

  • A HUGE marketing lesson from my 8 year old son
  • BREAKING NEWS: Hell has officially frozen over
  • 8 Reasons Not to join My seminar

Email Clickthru Rate

When you have good open rate, you can calculate email clickthru rate, which indicates how good you write letters and sales letter.

(Email Clickthru Rate = Number of Email Link Clicks) divided by (Number of Emails Opened)

In addition, this statistic can show how much people are interested in different topics as you can focus in those topics that will be the most popular.

Sales Conversion Rate

This metrics show how effective your sales funnel is and how you can improve sales funnel to get more profit in online business.

There are 3 factors that you can improve using this metric:

  • 1. Your source of leads (Use only that traffic that actually converted to the sale)
  • 2. Use effective sales funnel.
  • 3. The effectiveness of your sales team – your sales team should be know your costumer what she or he want.

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value show how much effort and money you can put one costumer to get relationship with you.

For example average lifetime value is $10,000, and profit is 20%, so you can spend money up-to $2,000 to get new costumer that go all your relationship.

You can invest in 1 traffic source 2,000 and this source give 1 clients and you will in profit, you can spend more even.

However, to calculate exactly lifetime formula you should use Google “Costumer Lifetime value Calculator”.

Here some of the key factors you will want to consider when you are calculate lifetime formula:

  • Costumer Segment
  • Average Revenue per Sale
  • # of Total Purchases
  • Average Costumer Lifespan
  • Amount of Potential Referral Revenue
  • Costs of Goods Sold
  • Marketing/Acquisition Costs
  • Discount (Net Present Value Of Expected profits)

ROI Metrics

This metrics show how you are affective in investing money of your marketing. This metrics is the key point of How to make cash online more efficiently and see how are you working.

Cost Per Lead

This metrics can show how effective efforts you do, and this number should be lower that lifetime value for a particular costumer segment.

(Cost Per Acquisition=Total Cost of Lead Source) Dived By (Total Number of People Making a Purchase)

Example: $100 ad/10 leads = $10 Cost per lead.

Revenue Per lead

Revenue Per lead help you to see which leads source generate the largest amount of initial

Revenue Per Lead = Total Revenue from a specifics lead source Divide by Total Numbers Of Leads

Examples: $100,000 Sales/ 1000 leads = $100 Revenue Per Lead

This indicator can show you of what you can afford to invest in order to get a qualified lead.

Revenue Per Visitor

This metrics show how valuable is your visitors. This indicator help to focus only in traffic
that work and bring you leads and sales.

(Revenue Per Visitor = Total Revenue from website visitors) Divide by (Total Number of Website Visitors)

Examples: 100,000 Sales/8900 visitors = $11.24 Revenue Per Visitors

When you are using this metrics, you use only high qualify traffic to your site that you can maximize this number.

Campaign ROI

Campaign ROI is key of how you run your marketing campaign. As long as this is positive number, the campaign was successful in generating return on your investment.

Total Revenue from group of leads – Cost of Lead Source) Divide By (Total Cost of Lead Source) x 100

For example: ($10,000 Sales – $1000 ad cost) / ($1000 x 100) = 900%

O $9 in sales for every $1 invested.

This is end of the topics “How to make cash online more efficiently using the 9 Golden Key Metrics”of useful metric for online business. All this stuff I have been implement in my online business and I also use very unique marketing idea that actually can bring average person from 0 to 10,000 per month in 30/60 days.  CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE!

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