Two Principles How to Start Up Own Business

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Everyone who muse about how to start up own business must know that entrepreneur has been a person who is finding solutions to problems and earn on this a bushel of mone. And this is game who will find solution to problem quicker than another. So here are the 5 rules from successful entrepreneurs how to start up own business:

You should find what people need and make good proposal that fill this market

You should find what people need and make good proposal that fill this market - Two Principles How to Start Up Own Business

For example, Ross Perot was good specialist in IBM, when he sold IBM machines to the costumers, people also need to help in analyzing the data. Than Ross propose this information to the headquarters and they rejected this incredible offer. So he create own company and in the end he sold own company almost for 3 billion dollars! Ross Perot knew what people need and he gave it them. An incredible idea can motivate you and you will find way how to start up own business.

Every problem must be solved

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So you should find the problem and solve it in very profitable way. One woman was working in small office and if you made a mistake in typing you must to start type all paper again. So she began mixing flour with nail varnish and this composition could white out the mistakes. People around office saw this and ask here to make for them it. And after some time she opened company that made what is today called Liquid Paper with huge factory in Dallas. Then she sold this company to Gillette Corporation for 47 million dollars.

You must create excellent customer service

All good sales experts and big company have excellent customer service, that solve clients needs in short period of time. You should implement low cost strategy and free ways how to get this costumer to you, or maybe they will tell to their friends and families about you.

You should always seek the problems that have people and business, find solution for these problems

If some group of people said repeatedly that they have some problem you should find solution and sell them. This solution must be cheap and fast. The best example is Holiday Inns. company, Clemmons found this needs in families that travel a lot around the world as a result this hotel become successful in the world! It’s great idea how to start up own business and seek people needs!

Concentrate your view on customers

You must think all the time about your customer and what they want, what customer’s pains and needs. Because it’s one of the most successful way to start up own business. You must see yourself as working for your customer. Moreover, IBM Company is built on this successful idea that made swim in golden river of money.

Scale Up

The biggest companies in fortune 500 started with one idea and transformed it into brands and create strong own culture. So start from small, learn valuable lessons, and scale up to bigger company.

Exercises for You

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You must understand that tiny idea is enough to start own way to financial freedom.

So first principal can answer you how to start up own business now is find needs or pains and fill them. Go to web or open newspaper and search for these needs and pains, than find ways how to solve them. It could be product or service.

You should find problems that have people in your city or country and try it to solve. Give the best solution that they cannot find in other places. One-step that could change life.

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