Open Magic to Become Own Santa Claus with the Best Success Parables Ever Crafted For You and Your Online Business

Open Magic to Become Own Santa Claus with the Best Success Parables Ever Crafted For You and Your Online Business


Few weeks ago, I watched a movie called “Challenge to America,” and I was so touched about motivational speaker Glenn Turner’s Santa Claus story.

It’s one of the best success parables ever crafted. It was all about me and my online bussines.

Turner talks about being a boy in a very poor family, and each year asking Santa for whatever his cousins (in a much better off family) asked for.

One year they both asked for a pony. She got a pony and he got clothes and apples.

The next year, thinking he must have done something wrong the year before, he carefully copied his cousin’s letter to Santa word for word, asking politely for a bicycle.

As usual, the cousin got it and Glenn did not. This time though, he went behind the barn and said, “O.K. Santa, if that’s the way you want to play!” Turner ended the story by saying, “And on that day, I decided to become my own Santa Claus.”

He challenged the audience to be their own Santa Claus. When I watched the movie, I did not think too much about it. I thought it was just a story about his childhood. I thought he made a good point, but that was it.

Moreover, later, I made a shopping list for Christmas and for some reason Turner’s lesson, “…be your own Santa Claus” like a flash pops into my head.

Guess what happened next? The first gift I bought was for me.

I bought present for myself, because I deserved it. 🙂

I hope that the points are obvious: most people childishly rely on others to give, to appoint, to authorize, to promote, to grant permission, to set their life agendas for them.

Only comparatively few accept full and total responsibility to be their own Santa and grant their own requests. In other words, they take matters into their own hands.

If you thing that someday fat guy with big money come to you and give you many or spots car, that you so want, but this is a mistake that about nighty percent of all people do.

If you are interested in becoming your own Santa this year, here’s what I recommend you do:

All kinds of cool things have resulted from it:

– It is any day I choose it. What the heck, I am Santa Claus for myself and Christmas for me is no longer just December 25.

– I can change any mood I am in by buying myself a present. That is one of the privileges of being Santa Claus.

– I deserved it.

Some Amazing Gifts for You:

There are some gifts that I would like you to give yourself this year. The best ones are free 😉

1)  Give yourself the gift of something fun. By giving yourself fun, you are also creating an atmosphere of fun that rubs off on others.

2)   Give yourself the gift of making a plan to become a better person–not just a better entrepreneur, salesperson or anybody else. Shape yourself and own philosophy.

3)   Give yourself more sales by giving business gifts to others that help them build their business. People want match more to have new business rather then food.

4)   Give yourself the gift of learning. Buy every moth new book and read it, put everything valuable that you get from book into practice.

5)   Be appreciate for everything that you have. Do this twice a day and this will make much happier.

All this will help you to develop the passion that will make you wealthier and not only in money world, while your competition gets what they deserve for Christmas–coal.

If you want to know more about what my passion about and how it can help you to find own, or just ask me about my online business  click here!

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