Financial and Non Financial Motivation for Entrepreneurs and Employees

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It is really important for every entrepreneurs and leaders what financial and non financial motivation are best used to motivate employees and teammates?

All entrepreneurs, employees and teammates must feel exciting and motivated about what they are doing. So you like entrepreneurs and leaders must know all financial and non financial motivation and reasons why they must be full charge of positive energy all the time. If employee or one of your motivate does not feel motivated and does not have goals then he think that his job is terrible and it does not bring anything useful to people. As result, he or she leave a job and your company will lose money, because you will need to hire and recruit new person on this place. This can be repeated so many times… Also it will hit the reputation of your company in bad way, as well your image of leader will be harm. It can may cause chain reaction and some other staffs will leave you too. Moreover, good and constant financial and non financial motivation will help employees and teammates work to the best of their ability, be creative and happy to have this job and leader like you.

Financial and Non Financial Motivation in the Business for Entrepreneurs

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If you have enough money, than you can buy everything you want and as quickly as possible. That is why money is the major motivator of people. We want as much as possible and get them as easily as legally we can. But people really do not want money all the time.

To Get Better Life

If you will ask someone, why do they want to get big amount of money. They will answer that they want freedom and better life style. They have goals to achieving financial freedom and get life that they want so much.

Money will help them to get everything they want and it is what they call “freedom”. If they will have enough money, than they will not worry about future, safety, security etc. It is thinking of humans being and it is normal. So they find this like the fastest way to achieve desirable good life style.

Desire for Power

You must know that the desire of power is the most horrible form of self-destroying and annihilating everything around you (business, relationship, people, family, teammates etc.). So have we said earlier, money is the easiest way to get what you want, and the fastest way is to acquire huge power over people. Power is ability to have an impact on people, money. This type of people will force everyone to do what they want.

Desire for Power and Money

Money people want money to fulfill needs. But from some point it could be end. Because if a person got all he want and do not worry about money, he start measure all by money and amount of power he have. All dictators have abnormal will to get so much power and become better than everyone around them. Money people in business think only about money and not about family and relationship with people.

How to Obtain Power

In our world, there are so many different ways to obtain power. So to acquired power in business world, you need to achieve results and goals, by finding the best results that can give money. People who can achieving financial goals have reputation of good and clever entrepreneur.

Behavior in Business Circles

We can see rank of importance of a person in way how he dressed or wear expensive jewelry. But in financial circles, we can determine that on how people speak or how other people deal with them. So carry yourself in appropriate way, if you want treated seriously in business world.

Now let’s speak about what is non financial motivation for your employees and teammates.

10 Non Financial Motivation Practical Tips for Employees

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You must say thank you and give feedback to your teammates, employees, children, wife etc. It will give them strength to better in work and live. Create a habit to encourage people that work and live with you. Give people more positive energy by encouraging constructive behaviors.

When People Have Done Good Work, You Should Appreciate for That

If you want to get the best of the best of others, you should create atmosphere appreciation when the job done well. Why you want to say good words, these words should be said toward to person and who want to become better. These things make feel that they are special and very valuable. You are empowering with this words. On this key point, appreciation is non financial motivation and it is inner motivational that course big breakthrough in the future.

Self-Esteem Creation

Each time you say to someone “thank you”, you like yourself much more and motivate yourself too. Your life become more positive and you feel happier. You like what you are doing. If you develop this state gratitude around you than positive vibes will interact with others, and slowly you will become popular and everyone will want to help you.

You Should Use Praise and Approve People in Long Terms

You can easily to get upper their level of self-confidence when you will use praise and it’s especially approval. There is the test that show how children behavior after their parents use praise and approval for them and it show that boys and girls, they feel more positive and have high level of energy in their body, their hearts are bitten more quickly than usually, and they feel better.

Praising Create Feeling of People Importance

If you can give praising, do it. You must give people around you honest praising for their accomplishments in business or work. You will see how people will like you and how strong will be their desire to help you to achieve your goals.

Make Some Good Things to Others

If you will do things to others, you can find that people will do the same towards to you. This is law of reciprocity. People like when they get supporting from others people, as result, they want to share this feeling with them. It’s like boomerang effect, that will always return to you in positive result, this result could be more powerful and bigger than you share the first time to people.

You Should Be Good Listener

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One of the greatest thing that you can empower others, it to listen what people are talking. Maybe on next conversion you will find something special that you can give it to people. As result, they will definitely surprise, because you have done something special for them. It’s does not matter, how much will be cost you, but for them it will valuable. Event small things can turn them into empower mode.

How to Empower People Around You

There are three rules how to empower everyone around you. You must apply them to people you meet in business or work, attention, approval and appreciation. So say thanks and praise to them for good work, and pay attention when you make any deal with them. These tree super key how to behave you with everyone can create positive atmosphere around you and motivate people to help you.

Do You Know That All Leaders Empower Their Team Using Only Information

Maybe you have question, what kind of information do they give them? It’s very simple answer, all best leaders in the world give people valuable and newest information that they can find now in their niche, All leaders want that their team be in high position of the market and do what they should to become number first in the market.

How You Can Control Your Outcome of Team?

The simplest things you can do, is to give feedback to your team. You should give feedback as usually you can do, because when you will doing this, you might find having better result of your team. They are knowing that you are leader who are supporting them especially when they don’t know how to achieve breakthrough that’s cause powerful transforming them into a new persons that actually can do their job in highest level and short period of time.

Create Vision of Future

Leader must be committed to create vision of future for everyone in your business. You have all abilities to grow and to learn how to be the great leader and change world around you in better way. Motivate people around you and know that when you put goals be sure that more will be in future. You must practice the behaviors of leaders and you will open all your full potential.

Do this Action list

Image with happy workers - Financial and Non Financial Motivation in the Business for Entrepreneurs

Now I strongly recommend giving these all ideas and implementing in your organization. Every week make regular meetings with your teammates and you should say about all things that happens in company. If they have cool ideas and comments how to improve, you listen them. Make them special using like financial and non financial motivation tips, that I share today with you.

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