How elite special forces… like the Navy Seals…can help you earn more

 How elite special forces… like the Navy Seals…can help you earn more

Do you now that elite special force has four states of alertness that they use to describe their state of awareness:

  • White – A state of unawareness (zombie state, fuzzy state).
  • Yellow – A state of general alertness. Aware of general surroundings and conditions.
  • Red – A state of heightened alertness. Extremely aware of surroundings and conditions.
  • Black – A state of combat alertness. Kill or be killed


They are taught to totally avoid the white state, to live always in the yellow and red state. The black state only is for the most extreme of conditions (kill or be killed).

I heard about this from my mentor… and he said that it could be used very effective in financial and investment management, and of course in copyrighting and earning money online…

And he added this: “…in my work … the big amount of investors (with portfolios of $1.00 million up to $15 million) and super affluent investors (with portfolios of $15 million and plus)… have typically lack the proper wealth management platform to operate in the “yellow,” “red,” or “black,” zones…”.

I think nobody should live like “zombie”, because people are always live in a poor understanding of their strengths and thoughts… and an even poorer understanding of dangers and opportunities in the investment and making money area … They are operating like blind zombies in the wood.

In addition to this, there are some number of investors that so confused about investment that they every time enter into the “black”, and the over-reacting to any situation… They spend all energy in the wrong place and at the wrong time. It is huge stress for organism and waste of time.

NOW, Ask yourself: Are you living like you want? What zone does my brain typically operate in? Is my mind prepared to instantly move into the black zone on my behalf? This is where you can make new quantum jump for your mind and begin to earn much-much more.

But WAIT, there is a solution: I am going to give you two special, but very simple exercises. You should do them several times a day.

Exercise 1: When you are sitting somewhere, you should now: who is behind you, how much people are sitting in class or room, what are they saying about to each other, where the exits are … etc.

Exercise 2: Sit quiet and close your eyes (for beginning). Begin concentrate on what are filling and for each sense ask yourself: “what I smell, what I here, how much people or birds I can hear… etc.”

Always remind yourself to be in right state of awareness.

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