How to build own schedule in your life and work to succeed in everything you want? Become more persuasive and influential!

 How to build own schedule in your life and work to succeed in everything you want? Become more persuasive and influential!

Hello, everybody! I love this blog and people who visit my articles and read my stuff. It’s not only useful information but it can change the thinking to be more effective and produce more and more actions that changing your life and people! All right let’s, begin 🙂

This method that I use in my life is absolutely free and you can grabbed this system and apply now on your life and schedule. This technique, which I have borrow from guru of business, have tripled my business income, how is it sound?  Ya cool!) Let’s drive to the prosperity with Big Alex Success blog)

WARNING: I write only technics that work for me and tested in my own life style, so I guaranteed that if you apply this stuff, you would become more persuasive and influential in your life!

Let’s see, what is the productivity page?

This productivity page can give you ability become more productive person and you will change your day almost completely. You will gain your power of controlling the situation in the life every day.

Now, I describe you “the productivity page” in details:

      1.In the beginning of your day when you woke up, you do not go to the computer, switch it on, and forget about of checking the mails inbox. Instead of that, go to shower and makes some exercise, if you have dog, you could go walking with your small friend. You have to do things in the morning that inspire you the whole day and you will produce the more energy for working.

While are you doing this stuff, you should ask yourself:

What am I excited at today? ___________________________________

Could I create something to become excited today? ___________________________

You have to begin you day with enthusiasm!))) Then ask yourself again:

What am I grateful to? _____________________________________

Then you have a good breakfast and after it you can go to work.

How to build own schedule in your life and work to succeed in everything you want? Become more persuasive and influential!

2. When you are sitting in your office, you do not switch on computer. Why you should not do this? Because you have to strategies your day more effective before all actions that you will do. Now you can fill the blank “the productivity page”.

The first top line is for PROJECTS that you have in your life.

For example, you have 5 projects and for each project you need to do simple task and after that you could advance your project to the next stage.

You have not do this simple task every day for you projects. It’s like big steps in your projects that you have to do this projects done.

3. Next, you fill the category of people that are WAITING ON. This category is about people who are own information that you needed to accomplish your goals. For examples, Peter have to send you the report about your ads in FaceBook.

4. Next, you fill the category of people that are REACH OUT TO. There are people who you need to reach out to accomplish your goals and projects. For example, you need to call to support of google and asked them: “why did you stop my ads?

5. Next, you fill the PRIORITY LIST. There are things that you must do it NOW, but for the priority thinks.


7.Than you should open email box in your computer and search by people in the category WAITING ON, if you have some emails from this people you will put the sign near. But if you don’t get it from there email, you should put this person to search by people in category of  REACH OUT TO, the next time you will call him and remind him about their task. Do this without hesitation in the morning.

8. Now close the email program, that you could not have other new emails that will distract you.

9. Now open the PRIORITY LIST and all tasks you have to do on this day. If you have done all priority list and you have more time than you will do the task for PROJECTS.

10. In the end of the day, you will check your emails again. You should do your tasks and manage your day. Not others people agenda! REMEMBER THIS!!

Do these things in few month and you will see how many things you are doing and do this things right! Because You will able to see the whole picture before all actions you do in the start of the day.


All things you can see in this video of guru Internet marketing Brendon Burchard and plus super bonus from him “how become more influential”:


Amazing article!:) Do this every morning and you will become more effective person!

If you have some questions and suggestions please free write below in the comment sections.

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Talk soon, Alexandr AKA Big Alex!

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