Оver $70-Million in 2 years in internet-marketing! He paid out every penny

Оver $70-Million in 2 years! He paid out every penny



Little bit more about Vick

Vick Strizheus is the creator of many internet-marketing programs and he is known as “king of internet traffic”. This is partially true. He found out how to drive tons of traffic to his websites and deals for a pretty cheap price. That is what jump-started his carrier in this business.

At first, Vick Strizheus could not make it.

He started online, borrowing $30,000 from his friend and in first 2 months, he lost $20k without getting a single cent back. That did not look good. Then he realized he needs a mentor and he found one. After finding, a mentor Vick achieved $20,000 in one month and it started from there.

His latest creation, Big Idea Mastemind, is an “addon” to Empower Network.

A system that will allow you to make money easier with EN.  And a slogan – From zero to $5k per month in 30 days or less”.

So there BIM is very good program.

Watch here video about benefits of BIM.

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