How to write basic solo ad copy

How to write basic solo ad copy

When it comes to writing an ad you have to first make your understanding clear about a couple of things for sure.

What is ad? Question yourself and I’m sure you will keep on harping with a number of possible answers – none of which will sound perfect. Why?

It is because of the fact that an ad is essentially a paid form of communication that aims at creating awareness about a product, service or something else of the advertiser’s choice.

Who is an advertiser? The person who pays for the communication to be published in the public platforms such as print, electronics, outdoor or internet is an advertiser.

Print means ad on newspapers etc. while electronics refer to television and cinema. Outdoor means campaigns on billboards etc. Internet editions include webpage, but not confined to it alone.

You have fairly understood the term ad and its different mediums thus far. Let us make our understanding clear about writing a basic solo ad.

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How to write your solo ad copy?

01. As a beginner you have to keep in mind that there are essentially three elements of an ad; namely visual, logo and the punch line.

02. Visual refers to insertion of some photographs (relevant or otherwise based on your campaign theme and motto) while logo represents the visual expression of the adviser’s brand. Punch line is the striking message that can hit straight into the heads and hearts of the TG (Target Group).

03. What is TG? Good question….not every product appeals to everyone. The group of people whom the product appeals essentially constitutes the TG of that product.

04. Knowing the TG won’t suffice…you have to define the TG in terms of age, sex, literacy and their medium of exposure. Wondering why?

If you don’t know your TG well you won’t be able to write a successful ad for sure. It’s a materialistic world where success is the yardstick of your ad – no matter how brilliant you campaign copy is.

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05. The gist is you have to think in line with your TG. How do they react, where do they stay, how do they run their lives and what do they like and so on.

06. The next challenge lies in creating a story of the product for the TG. Because, it is essentially the story that connects the product with the TG well.

07. You have to craft a compelling story about the product or brand in you ad. Look at the most successful ads around the world for an idea for sure.

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