Unlimited Sales Leads: How to Write Solo Ads in Online Business?

Unlimited Sales Leads: How to Write Solo Ads in Online Business?

How to Write Solo Ads?

The solo ads is very powerful it can bring 5 thousands people to you offer or even 10 thousands.

So what is solo ads?

What should be in solo ads that people go to the offer and buy your products and other stuff?

Today I will show step by step formula how exactly you should write solo ads.

A solo ad is an email advertisement that is sent to the mailing list of an e-zine publisher. The douse not appear in e-zine this ad only appear in subscriber mailbox like regular email. That’s why it’s called solo ad.

If you want more visitors you should good ads, if you want more good result, you need ads that are more effective. That’s simple.

In the main body of solo ads is describing some problem that people have and their solving.

You should more space between paragraph that people could easily read this letter. In addition, you can use Caps that you can emphasize in some sentence and benefits.

How long can a solo ad be?

It can be unlimited length but best work 500 – 700 words. Also shorter version also work well. But I suggested from 500 words.

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The six parts of solo ad

The headline – is attention grabber, it’s subject line of the email, it’s very important.

The claim – you are claiming what will you for them, will you help him to make money. Or will help to save money, or will help to sleep at night, feel very useful, feel better, what is it?

The benefits – this can be like list of benefits, but it’s a;so main section of your email. This a part of gurus talk about, what kind of result you will get when you go to this link or something els.

The reason Why – for example we have good testimonials that our product is proven and you also do this. The reason why people should listen to you and why you can help them.

The proof – people also miss this part of the solo ad. However, it’s crucial part that you should also use in solo ads. On this section, you can put some good testimonials about your product. It’s some kind of proof that your product is work. Nothing work great like testimonials from real people.

The call to action – that is click part, it’s must be very specific what people should o when they will got to the link hat you will give them.

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Other key factors

Always use super motivators, they are like fear and happiness and other things. You can also use limited time offer that people can buy this service only during 10 hours that’s all. In addition, if they don’t do this they will lose some something very important.

Also sell benefits, not features. Sell the result that people want.

The most important part is create curiosity – NEVER satisfy it! The job of ad is to sell the click not to sell the final product or service. You can describe what about product. But you should sell the click not the product!

The headline is the subject line of the email. You should always use numbers and catchy eye subject line.

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