How to write super effective ADS like Dan Kennedy and Vick Strizheus for your internet business?

 How to write YOU ADS like Dan Kennedy and Vick Strizheus!

In this article, I want to give you value that you will use very day and if you going to make business online more profitable! How is it sounds? Yaaa… COOOL!

So, let’s begin this journey. It will bring you to new level of writing ads.

This thinks I get from Dan Kennedy and Vick Strizheus. From these mentors I learn gold mine of cool stuff and now I’m doing what they say 🙂 So please attention, I will write some secrets techniques so copy this information to notepad and USE IT, USE IT AND USE IT NOW!

In writing ads have 5 big things and they are:

  1. Headline.
  2. Body Copy.
  3. C.T.A (Call of Action).
  4. Delivery Mechanism.
  5. Tracking.

The Headline is big part of copy writing and I want to share the best things that you should to know.

–          Make copy writing your second job, because you must stop people’s eyes on your ads.

–          The people does not looking for you at all. REMEMBER THIS!

–          Use strong words.

–          Study you market (google groups). You have to know what people are saying about similar product in you niche.

–          Make ads short and punchy!

First NEVER, NEVER and NEVER and never scale up before you are not sure that this ads will rock your sells like machine that printing money.

To know what headline are useful and effective use this rules:

–          Read as money headline as possible.

  •         Magazines.
  •         Classifieds.
  •         Online PPC Ads.
  •         National Enquirer (Magazines, go to google to learn more about it).

Headline Samples:

  • Say “Yes” to new making money machines!
  • Amazing Income
  • Up to $79/hr
  • Attention!
  • Important!
  • Massive Income
  • Triple your investments in 1 years!
  • Easy profits
  • Discount XXX
  • Build your business
  • Taste the difference!



Please remember this thing!

Write At Least 10-20 Catchy Headline For Each Ad You Want To Run!!!

Do this practical exercise about month and it will bring more and more sales for you.

Body Copy

  •         Goal is to get them to raise head, but not buy.
  •         Do not sell in the Ad.
  •         Typically, Ad is 15 – 25 words.
  •         Sell the sizzle not the stack, sell outcome!
  •         Use short phrases.
  •         Focus on Key Benefits.
  •         Easy to implement solutions.

Most Powerful Words that you should use in your making money online ADS!

– Discover

– Easy

– Guarantee

– Health

– Love

– Money

– New

– Proven

– Results

– Safety

– Save

– Free

Call To Action (C.T.A)

–  Tell them what to Do Step By Step!

–  Call Now.

– Free Information Here.

– 24h Recorded Massage that after 24h will gone.

– Sense of Urgency.

– Reason to ACT now.

Delivery Mechanism

– 800# to call center.

– 800# to recorded massage.

– Straight to website (best option), you should know how many people go through you ads; it is the most important thinks after writing good ads. (use,


–          The main goal is to see where your leads are coming from. VERY IMPORTANT!

–          Use domains that redirect to ad tracker.

–          Only track big groups or new groups

I write here some examples of ads that will catch the eye of your potential leads.

Use these words for writhing Weight Lose Ads

  • Lose weight
  • Keep it off
  • Melt Pouns
  • No Diet
  • Eat What you want
  • No weight lifting
  • Start Today
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Look Sexy
  • Increase your Energy
  • Feel good
  • Increase Confidence


Overweight? – Lose Weight Fast.

Feel Great. Increase Metabolism.

No Diet or Exercise Required

Free Details:

IMPORTANT, use the name of domain that people can easily remember, without dashes, hyperlinks and others things that distract the attention.


Use these words for Making Money Ads:

  • Work from home
  • Sell online
  • No experencie
  • Start Mow
  • Easy
  • Make Money
  • No MLM
  • Huge Profit potential
  • Free website provide
  • Stable Income
  • Automated Income
  • Proven System


Up to $79/Hr – Start Immediately.

No Exp Requared. Easy & Fun,

Make Great Money Doing What you love.

Run to:


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“Word that Sell”, “More Word That Sell” Richard Bayan!

You like this stuff! I really like to share good stuff with you that work for me)))

If you have any questions please free write down below!

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