Increase Credibility by Converting Testimonials Into Case Studies

How to Increase Credibility by Converting Testimonials Into Case Studies

You must use Testimonials, because it is important part of copywriting to build and increase credibility. However, sometimes copywriters overused them in copy and they so sweet and surrealistic, that we can think that they are hand-made (made by a marketer’s hands).

Remember, fantastic testimonials are like fantasy story and that is all. Everyone who read or watch them think that they are so unreal to be truth.

Do not place them randomly or group in chaotic structure in your copy that people think that they were made directly after pop-concert. So this is important… write story-based testimonials that help you overcome objections of clients.

You must make and structure testimonials like case studies.

First of all, you need to put some information about the person that giving you the testimonial and add what was before he bought your product and that you should explain what happen if customer will buy and what benefits he will get.

Testimonials are very effective when you close some objection that the client might be having. They mast answers the objection but not say that you are super hero.

So use this strong method of internet marketing in own sale copy and offer to increase credibility and sales.

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