Taste the difference! Nothing sells like unique selling proposition in online business!

Taste the difference! Nothing sells like unique selling proposition in online business!

Online Business is the huge niche where hundreds and thousands new entrepreneurs starting, but 90% are failing in the first years. In addition to this, they have the same selling proposition, only a few people will be make big money and build strong company that differ from others because their unique selling proposition are UNCOMMON!

How can you create own USP that will actually converted new visitors into prospects?

What questions are you need to ask yourself that you can raise above your competitors TODAY and make money as much as you want?

If you will continue reading, you will find systematic principals that you can implement not only in online business but also in traditional business. Let’s do this folks!

How you can differentiate yourself from Competitions?

If you do not give any good reason for clients to buy from you, you are essentially forcing your costumer to buy products based only on price.

One of the most valuable thing that you can do for your costumer is teaching them and they should buy from you only by specific criteria that you are different from others competitors. These criteria should be unique and make you the best in your field.

Always will be a person or company that is having the lowest price than you, so this super simple criterion does not make you unique.

Firstly, you have to remember that you are unique person with own experience and all these elements making you more desirable for people, because you not the same as others. Welcome to Unique Selling Proposition or as I like called USP.

Next, I will introduce you system that can give you more understanding about your USP in Online Business and every business that you are working on.

9 questions that bring you USP to the next level and make you online business more profitable and desirable for people!

  • 1. Look through you business and you have to see the paint points that will motivate you prospects to pay attention? For example: If someone are losing his or her job, headline must be such as «The next week will be too late to search new opportunity!”
  • 2. In your business, do you have Pain Points that will motivate costumers to take action faster? If there is one point that they can lose something or miss out, or even suffer, you have to use this point in your USP!
  • 3. What experience are you present to your customers that they want to attain from your products or services.
  • 4. How their life will be, when you will solve their problems?
  • 5. You have differentiate yourself from Competitions using only your result that are you offer to clients. What is the biggest result or benefit delivers/produces?
  • 6. What are ten advantages over your competition in your online business that you can create, tangible or intangible?
  • 7. What are 5 things that everyone are seeking in a product or service that you are providing?
  • 8. What kind of images and forms are can be illustrate your product in their life?
  • 9. When you will answer to these entire questions, you should combine all this answer in one sentence and will be your USP.

For example, mine is “We eliminate all the technical and online marketing challenges for entrepreneurs and owners of online business struggle with by building automated marketing systems that produce more profit, and you can enjoy your free time and doing what you want! The things that you actually love and that Why are you build your online business!”

Remember you should find pain points in your business that people will buy from you. The last advice that can help you to find this points, you should use these words “so you can” when you will be writing about your service and product. When you will be ready, you have to go through all your marketing using these sentences that you write before.

All this advices I have implemented in my online business and I have big impact to my marketing and in profit.  CLICK HER TO KNOW MORE!

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